Life has been busy. I finished with two A's this past semester, but it doesn't matter.

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School started three weeks ago, and I am dead.

I love you, Felicia Day

brb, bibliowanking

this is awesome
Man Guilty of Groping Minnie Mouse

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this website is fantastic:

with love,

I got A-s in both of my classes, which keeps my GPA hovering at a 3.55.

18/40 credit hours done.

Damn, I'm tired.

This semester was hectic as hell, but I'm happy that I'm almost done with my first year of li'bary school. Thanks to programming class, I now know how to make a text-based adventarrrr. And thanks to my management class for... well, I will not elaborate on that.

I haven't still recovered from boot-camp (almost a year ago!), but this summer will be full of sleep and awesome.

Plans for my summer vacation:
- Clean the fuck out of my home
- Play an asston of FFXI, finish leveling BRD and BLM (amg), finally do some endgamey stuff (wtf), and finish some missions (nyehh)
- finish FF1 (just started, woo~)
- play with my shiny new 360 a shitton (tax refunds are awesome like that)
- get a better TV to improve my 360 playing experience
- get more sleep
- learn to make KICK ASS COCKTAILS; tis the season for cool drinks!
Addendum: Watch all of Firefly/Serenity and figure out the most recent XKCD comixxx

Hm, it seems most of my plans involve sleeping and playing video games... this is awesome.

Also, I must congratulate again my lovely co-workerfriend for getting into li'bary school! The world needs more coolbrarians! Now I will convince her to room with me twice a year for on-campus sessions...

I still have to take a final in programming class (wtf), but I consider myself done~~~~~~ SUMMERTIME YEABOYEEEEE

why have I not seen this until now...

While I am a moderate fan of the PotC films, I recognize that the main theme is this decade's Theme of Star Wars. I'm no slouch when it comes to recognizing significant pieces of music. This video pretty much shows that.

This also, incidentally, makes me want to take up fingerpicking again. Hmmmm...

I am back at work again, and I am so tired.

I have to change my work schedule around this year to accommodate for my monday class schedule. I will have to see what works.

I have Still Alive stuck in my head. Curse you, Rock Band 2, for putting it back into my head. ;;

Anyway, this cake is great, it's so delicious and moist.


Also, if you've never heard of any of Coulton's other stuff, it's brilliant. Techs play them before class and during break through the live session audio. One of my favorite songs is 'Re: your brains' \o/

so sleepy, arg, need caffeine~ zzz I'm not even sure why the hell I'm so tired, my vacation was awesome and full of sleep! ; ;

marichristmas assessment
So, as some of you might know, this is my first Christmas away from home. I figured it had to happen at some point or another. The main reasons for this was my need to pay for school books (I spent another $200 for next semester), the fact that airline prices will probably never be less than $300 ever again, the discouragement of the incessant snowfall, and the realization that holidays spent at home are as boring as watching paint dry.

So, for my overall assessment, I must say...

marichristmas is pretty fucking sweet.

I got to sleep in this morning, and didn't have to rush to go to the family's house. I didn't have to feel awkward opening up presents or giving presents. I actually *ate* breakfast (see first reason). I mean, breakfast pretty much consisted of cookies and tea, but it was still pretty sweet. I got to clean my home, which was previously called The Ruins of Finals Hell. I have the History of Howard on an endless loop. Everything is so quiet and peaceful. I got to play games and sleep a little more. It was like any other day that I would be on vacation, except minus the frustration and stress of being at home. My only obligation for today was to call my parents, and that was done first thing in the morning, and then, no more having to worry about it. I made cheese tortellini for dinner, and it was awesome.

Seriously, this is probably the best day ever.

Oftentimes, people feel bad for others for not being able to spend time with their families. But really, having days where you are completely unhindered by work or school are just brilliant, as this entire past week has been. I look forward to having the same sorts of days for the rest of my vacation.

And now, I will play more Castlevania on the shiny new PSP that I bought for myself.

Merry Catmas! <3


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